Sunday, 27 October 2013

Liverpool vs West Brom Soccer Analysis

As a fan as well as a soccer player there are no other words then simply and truly amazing. Luis Suarez is in top form at the moment and seems like he can do no wrong for Liverpool or even Uruguay at the moment. Suarez put together an amazing display of skill and patience followed by vision and placement all at once.

Liverpool are now playing with three defenders and seems like this is the formation that Brendan Rodgers feels comfortable with and is clearly working at the moment with the group of players he has at his disposal.

In the opening moments it was clear that Liverpool had the control and was going to determine where the game was going to go, it was up to them if they were going to win or lose the game. It was shortly after the first whistle that Luis Suarez showed everyone why he is so great. Suarez ran right through the middle nutmeged West Broms captain and placed an amazing ball and Liverpool was up 1-0.  It was not even 6 minutes that passed and Suarez scored a goal from about 18 yards not from his foot but with his head! It was truly amazing nothing like I have seen before it was placed in the top corner and with such pace impossible for the keeper to react quick enough to stop the ball.

As well as in this match Suarez finally completed something he has been waiting for a while since he joined Liverpool he finally achieved his Hat trick in front of the home fans. It was assisted by non other then the captain himself Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool is in top form and the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge grows and develops every weekend and they have a true understanding between each other, which is great to see.  Liverpool finished the game 4-1 and is now sitting in second place. This following weekend Liverpool will be facing one of the biggest test to them which will be Arsenal, this could determine the rest of the season as well as who will be sitting on top of the table for weeks to come.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Liverpool Fc vs Newcastle Soccer analysis

This was truly a battle of will as well as a demonstration of heart and passion. After a hard fought battle Liverpool Fc fell short of a sure victory but did not leave Newcastle empty handed. Liverpool did not produce the same level of excellence as pervious games, early on Newcastle opened up the scoring and Liverpool Fc began trailing. But in the 41 minute due to a foul on Liverpool striker Suarez Liverpool received a penalty and Newcastle was down to 10 men. As well in this great turn of events for Liverpool the skipper Steven Gerrard scored his 100th goal for Liverpool. It was a day of great importance and soon a goal that brought Liverpool on even ground with Newcastle.

Newcastle although were down to 10 men they seemed to still carry a presence at home and did not give up. Liverpool was trailing once again 2-1.  But the hard work and presence of the great development of the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge once again was prominent and demonstrated once again to everyone why they are some of the top strikers in the world as well as in the premier league.

Suarez showed that he is not selfish and gave a wonderful pass to Sturidge and he simply just tapped it in and tied the game up once again.

Although this was not the result that Liverpool Fc wanted this weekend they are still at the top of the table. And is continuously getting better every weekend.

The partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge is continuously getting better every weekend and with this growing understanding they can only get better.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Liverpool are simply fantastic

Once again the Liverpool Reds are back at home in the Anfield stadium this is the first game that Luis Suarez will be playing in front of the home crowed since his return. And Suarez definitely didn’t disappoint the home crowd. It started off as a very smoky first minutes of the game with the crowed shooting flares, which caused the field to have a strong mist of smoke. The first chance to open up the scoring came up very early in the game as to a chance that Victor Moses had but stumbled and couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity.

A hard fought play during the first 10 minutes of the match found Luis Suarez on the floor and with a swift kick from the ground the ball also made it into the back of the net and Suarez put the reds up 1-0 after only 12 minutes, the home crowed erupted like a volcano with thunderous applause and chants it was the first time Suarez scored at home this season. Shortly after that play Daniel Sturridge the other great striker scored a spectacular goal and put the reds 2-0, shortly before the end of the first half Liverpool were awarded a penalty and the skipper converted on the chance and put the reds up 3-0 before the half was over.

The game was well fought and was tough and as usual Liverpool let off the gas pedal in the second half and conceded a goal. This is something that Liverpool has to work on before it starts catching up on them later into the league. Liverpool starts off great and keep up a great pace. But as soon as they start the second half they seem to lack the same presents that they posed in the first half. Brenden Rodgers spoke on this to the media the other day and seems like something they need to work on.

Probably one of the most under rated pair of strikers and is probably the most efficient together Suarez and Sturridge are the best striker duo that the primer league has had in a long time.

Now that the international break is upon us especially for Suarez and Sturridge they need to do everything in their power to make sure their national teams make it into the World Cup. Suarez for Uruguay has to continue and keeping up with his current form and keep scoring goals.  Sturridge has to do the same for England and continue and bring his form to the England national team and for them to qualify to the world cup.

More news to come and possibly another Post as to after the World Cup qualifiers Thanks!