Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Liverpool Fc vs Newcastle Soccer analysis

This was truly a battle of will as well as a demonstration of heart and passion. After a hard fought battle Liverpool Fc fell short of a sure victory but did not leave Newcastle empty handed. Liverpool did not produce the same level of excellence as pervious games, early on Newcastle opened up the scoring and Liverpool Fc began trailing. But in the 41 minute due to a foul on Liverpool striker Suarez Liverpool received a penalty and Newcastle was down to 10 men. As well in this great turn of events for Liverpool the skipper Steven Gerrard scored his 100th goal for Liverpool. It was a day of great importance and soon a goal that brought Liverpool on even ground with Newcastle.

Newcastle although were down to 10 men they seemed to still carry a presence at home and did not give up. Liverpool was trailing once again 2-1.  But the hard work and presence of the great development of the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge once again was prominent and demonstrated once again to everyone why they are some of the top strikers in the world as well as in the premier league.

Suarez showed that he is not selfish and gave a wonderful pass to Sturidge and he simply just tapped it in and tied the game up once again.

Although this was not the result that Liverpool Fc wanted this weekend they are still at the top of the table. And is continuously getting better every weekend.

The partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge is continuously getting better every weekend and with this growing understanding they can only get better.

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