Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Liverpool Fc vs Tottenham Soccer analysis

Another great win for Liverpool that means a lot to the team and as well as for the fans!

With another great performance Liverpool are looking more and more unbeatable no matter what is thrown in their path. With key injuries playing a role on who and what formation is being used it seems that no matter what Liverpool and Suarez find a way to come up on top!

The English premier league has not looked this unpredictable in years at times it seems it has a clear winner but then the weekend has its own surprises and changes everything.  As it stands now it seems that Liverpool will finish in the top 4 teams and will be seeing some Champions league soccer next season something that Suarez has been waiting sense reaching Anfield. Liverpool still have a chance in winning the Premier league if they continue on the path they are following now and trusting Breden Rodgers with his choices and Luis Suarez stays in form Liverpool are indubitably one of the top teams to finish first.

Luis Suarez as of late look as if he can do no wrong no matter what he does the ball always seems to find its way in the back of the net! As a fan there isn’t a better sight then seeing the star player be in such great form. It is something magical watching Luis Suarez play every weekend you just never know what is next and what else he can do!

Lets hope Liverpool can get another win this weekend and continue on their great journey and finish a top of the English Premier league!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Liverpool vs Norwich City soccer analysis

Simply amazing, breaths taking something like a Michael Angelo painting words cannot describe what Suarez has done for Liverpool today. In a mid week game against Norwich City Liverpool had the opportunity to once again regain its footing in the race of to the top of the Premier league table.

The scoring was open by non-other then the great Luis Suarez it was an amazing shoot of beauty from distance. Suarez saw an opportunity to take a shot on goal from distance and took the opportunity and struck it and it dipped down and Swoosh it went in it brought all of Anfield in a thunderous roar and chants leading the cause was the hero Suarez. Suarez off a corner kick scored once again and now the Reds are up 2-0. Suarez on an individual effort carried the ball took on the defenders and scored an amazing ball although he was off balance when he took the shot!

Suarez was still not done with Norwich he put his final nail in the coffin scoring outside of the 18 yard box a wonderful free kick that was simply amazing and Liverpool ended the game winning 5-1 against an opponent who simply could not do anything to contain Suarez at the moment.

Suarez becomes the only player in BPL history to score 3 hat tricks against a single team. Suarez also has more goals in the BPL compared to 9 teams in the BPL considering he has miss the first 5 games he simply is in top shape and is looking to win player of the year!

This is Anfield! LETS GO REDS!  

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Liverpool vs Hull City soccer analysis

Words can not justify the outcome of todays game it wasn’t typical Liverpool fashion.  Coming off a 3-3 draw against Liverpool rivals Everton it seemed that this weekend game would be used to bounce back in winning fashion and continue Liverpools great run and stay at the top of the table in the Premier league.

That was not the case for the first time in history Hull city beat Liverpool 3-1 it wasn’t liverpools greatest showing of their talents but there is always next week to improve and continue on the road to glory and to finish at the top of the table.

Along with the defeat Liverpool also suffered losing Daniel Sturridge to injury with no information on how serious the injury was. We hope that it isn’t serious and will get the deadly duo of Sturridge and Suarez back on the pitch and in top form.

With every lose comes great knowledge and what can be taken from this game is that no matter who the opponent is you never know when they will come and be in form and win, this does not and should not take away from what Brendan Rodgers has implemented at anflied but the support should back him with any changes he will make in the future to further pursue glory for ANFIELD!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Liverpool vs Fulham Soccer Analysis

Brilliance, excellence and pure skill are the words that best describe what happened this weekend for Liverpool vs Fulham. After a difficult defeat to Arsenal last weekend Liverpool needed to bounce back and continue their great form. Liverpool star striker Luis Suarez was given permission by the AUF to play the match before the match between Uruguay vs Jordan.

It was evident at the beginning of the match that Liverpool had the upper hand and would win the game but the question was by how much. Liverpool started this like they start every other game dominate by controlling the pace and possession of the ball. Liverpool First goal came in the first 20 minute of the game off a set piece, which looked like Suarez header it in but was called an own goal. Liverpool controlled the possession and seemed like they could do no wrong. Liverpool finished off their dominant performance 4-0. 2 goals coming from Luis Suarez Liverpool star striker.

Liverpool must try to keep their form from this previous weekend and apply that same confidence and attitude on the field and apply it to whomever they are facing. As long as they have Steven Gerrard healthy and being able to give direction there is a chance for Liverpool to play Champions League soccer next year. With the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge growing every week and them continuing to grow and evolve as a partnership they can only continue to do better.

This weekend Liverpool and the rest of the EPL are on international break the key Liverpool star that will be participating is Suarez who will lead Uruguay vs Jordan.
Lets all wish him luck and lets see if he can perform for Uruguay like he does for Liverpool!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Liverpool vs Arsenal Soccer Analysis

It is never easy tasting defeat, it’s never easy to see something so close in your grasps and it slip right out of your hands. That is the feeling that the Liverpool soccer players as well as Brendan Rogers, and definitely all the Liverpool supporters felt this weekend.

This past weekend Liverpool had the ability to take first place once again away from Arsenal. This was not a simple task to say the least but one that the Liverpool supports felt they could achieve, simply because Liverpool in recent weeks were in fantastic form. The match started off on a good note Coutinho a great play maker was going to be fit to play this coming game, it is always great to have an asset like Coutinho available to play. But that wasn’t the only news that Liverpool fans had to face Glen Johnson was out of the line up and Jon Flanagan who hadn’t played a Premier league match for 18 months was going to replace him. This news exploded all over in the twitter world and already many supporters had their doubts of having Flanagan play in Johnson role.

The first couple of minutes it seems clear that both teams were testing the waters and they weren’t ready to attack with all guns blazing. With a sell out crowd of 60,000 spectators everyone knew it was going to be an amazing game.

After a great chance by Henderson Arsenal scored on a second chance goal and were up 1-0, early in the game. Liverpool did not give up and were pushing forward. Suarez got fouled and made a quick pass to Sturridge who scored but the ref called off the goal because he showed a yellow card to the Arsenal defender. Coming to the end of the 1st half the frustration on the Liverpool players was evident.

Brendan Rodgers made a couple of changes during the break and changed the formation as well as putting in Coutinho at the beginning of the second half. The change took effect and made it easier for Liverpool to get to the Arsenal net but the chances were simply not going their way.  At the hour mark Arsenal scored their 2nd goal and that is how the game finished.

It was a hard fought match but Liverpool weren’t able to capitalize on their chances that were available to them. This week Liverpool will have a much easier test and hopefully can help boost their morals and continue on the pursuit of achieving Primer league glory


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Liverpool vs West Brom Soccer Analysis

As a fan as well as a soccer player there are no other words then simply and truly amazing. Luis Suarez is in top form at the moment and seems like he can do no wrong for Liverpool or even Uruguay at the moment. Suarez put together an amazing display of skill and patience followed by vision and placement all at once.

Liverpool are now playing with three defenders and seems like this is the formation that Brendan Rodgers feels comfortable with and is clearly working at the moment with the group of players he has at his disposal.

In the opening moments it was clear that Liverpool had the control and was going to determine where the game was going to go, it was up to them if they were going to win or lose the game. It was shortly after the first whistle that Luis Suarez showed everyone why he is so great. Suarez ran right through the middle nutmeged West Broms captain and placed an amazing ball and Liverpool was up 1-0.  It was not even 6 minutes that passed and Suarez scored a goal from about 18 yards not from his foot but with his head! It was truly amazing nothing like I have seen before it was placed in the top corner and with such pace impossible for the keeper to react quick enough to stop the ball.

As well as in this match Suarez finally completed something he has been waiting for a while since he joined Liverpool he finally achieved his Hat trick in front of the home fans. It was assisted by non other then the captain himself Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool is in top form and the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge grows and develops every weekend and they have a true understanding between each other, which is great to see.  Liverpool finished the game 4-1 and is now sitting in second place. This following weekend Liverpool will be facing one of the biggest test to them which will be Arsenal, this could determine the rest of the season as well as who will be sitting on top of the table for weeks to come.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Liverpool Fc vs Newcastle Soccer analysis

This was truly a battle of will as well as a demonstration of heart and passion. After a hard fought battle Liverpool Fc fell short of a sure victory but did not leave Newcastle empty handed. Liverpool did not produce the same level of excellence as pervious games, early on Newcastle opened up the scoring and Liverpool Fc began trailing. But in the 41 minute due to a foul on Liverpool striker Suarez Liverpool received a penalty and Newcastle was down to 10 men. As well in this great turn of events for Liverpool the skipper Steven Gerrard scored his 100th goal for Liverpool. It was a day of great importance and soon a goal that brought Liverpool on even ground with Newcastle.

Newcastle although were down to 10 men they seemed to still carry a presence at home and did not give up. Liverpool was trailing once again 2-1.  But the hard work and presence of the great development of the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge once again was prominent and demonstrated once again to everyone why they are some of the top strikers in the world as well as in the premier league.

Suarez showed that he is not selfish and gave a wonderful pass to Sturidge and he simply just tapped it in and tied the game up once again.

Although this was not the result that Liverpool Fc wanted this weekend they are still at the top of the table. And is continuously getting better every weekend.

The partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge is continuously getting better every weekend and with this growing understanding they can only get better.