Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Liverpool vs Arsenal Soccer Analysis

It is never easy tasting defeat, it’s never easy to see something so close in your grasps and it slip right out of your hands. That is the feeling that the Liverpool soccer players as well as Brendan Rogers, and definitely all the Liverpool supporters felt this weekend.

This past weekend Liverpool had the ability to take first place once again away from Arsenal. This was not a simple task to say the least but one that the Liverpool supports felt they could achieve, simply because Liverpool in recent weeks were in fantastic form. The match started off on a good note Coutinho a great play maker was going to be fit to play this coming game, it is always great to have an asset like Coutinho available to play. But that wasn’t the only news that Liverpool fans had to face Glen Johnson was out of the line up and Jon Flanagan who hadn’t played a Premier league match for 18 months was going to replace him. This news exploded all over in the twitter world and already many supporters had their doubts of having Flanagan play in Johnson role.

The first couple of minutes it seems clear that both teams were testing the waters and they weren’t ready to attack with all guns blazing. With a sell out crowd of 60,000 spectators everyone knew it was going to be an amazing game.

After a great chance by Henderson Arsenal scored on a second chance goal and were up 1-0, early in the game. Liverpool did not give up and were pushing forward. Suarez got fouled and made a quick pass to Sturridge who scored but the ref called off the goal because he showed a yellow card to the Arsenal defender. Coming to the end of the 1st half the frustration on the Liverpool players was evident.

Brendan Rodgers made a couple of changes during the break and changed the formation as well as putting in Coutinho at the beginning of the second half. The change took effect and made it easier for Liverpool to get to the Arsenal net but the chances were simply not going their way.  At the hour mark Arsenal scored their 2nd goal and that is how the game finished.

It was a hard fought match but Liverpool weren’t able to capitalize on their chances that were available to them. This week Liverpool will have a much easier test and hopefully can help boost their morals and continue on the pursuit of achieving Primer league glory


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