Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Liverpool vs Fulham Soccer Analysis

Brilliance, excellence and pure skill are the words that best describe what happened this weekend for Liverpool vs Fulham. After a difficult defeat to Arsenal last weekend Liverpool needed to bounce back and continue their great form. Liverpool star striker Luis Suarez was given permission by the AUF to play the match before the match between Uruguay vs Jordan.

It was evident at the beginning of the match that Liverpool had the upper hand and would win the game but the question was by how much. Liverpool started this like they start every other game dominate by controlling the pace and possession of the ball. Liverpool First goal came in the first 20 minute of the game off a set piece, which looked like Suarez header it in but was called an own goal. Liverpool controlled the possession and seemed like they could do no wrong. Liverpool finished off their dominant performance 4-0. 2 goals coming from Luis Suarez Liverpool star striker.

Liverpool must try to keep their form from this previous weekend and apply that same confidence and attitude on the field and apply it to whomever they are facing. As long as they have Steven Gerrard healthy and being able to give direction there is a chance for Liverpool to play Champions League soccer next year. With the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge growing every week and them continuing to grow and evolve as a partnership they can only continue to do better.

This weekend Liverpool and the rest of the EPL are on international break the key Liverpool star that will be participating is Suarez who will lead Uruguay vs Jordan.
Lets all wish him luck and lets see if he can perform for Uruguay like he does for Liverpool!

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