Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Liverpool Fc vs Tottenham Soccer analysis

Another great win for Liverpool that means a lot to the team and as well as for the fans!

With another great performance Liverpool are looking more and more unbeatable no matter what is thrown in their path. With key injuries playing a role on who and what formation is being used it seems that no matter what Liverpool and Suarez find a way to come up on top!

The English premier league has not looked this unpredictable in years at times it seems it has a clear winner but then the weekend has its own surprises and changes everything.  As it stands now it seems that Liverpool will finish in the top 4 teams and will be seeing some Champions league soccer next season something that Suarez has been waiting sense reaching Anfield. Liverpool still have a chance in winning the Premier league if they continue on the path they are following now and trusting Breden Rodgers with his choices and Luis Suarez stays in form Liverpool are indubitably one of the top teams to finish first.

Luis Suarez as of late look as if he can do no wrong no matter what he does the ball always seems to find its way in the back of the net! As a fan there isn’t a better sight then seeing the star player be in such great form. It is something magical watching Luis Suarez play every weekend you just never know what is next and what else he can do!

Lets hope Liverpool can get another win this weekend and continue on their great journey and finish a top of the English Premier league!

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