Sunday, 1 December 2013

Liverpool vs Hull City soccer analysis

Words can not justify the outcome of todays game it wasn’t typical Liverpool fashion.  Coming off a 3-3 draw against Liverpool rivals Everton it seemed that this weekend game would be used to bounce back in winning fashion and continue Liverpools great run and stay at the top of the table in the Premier league.

That was not the case for the first time in history Hull city beat Liverpool 3-1 it wasn’t liverpools greatest showing of their talents but there is always next week to improve and continue on the road to glory and to finish at the top of the table.

Along with the defeat Liverpool also suffered losing Daniel Sturridge to injury with no information on how serious the injury was. We hope that it isn’t serious and will get the deadly duo of Sturridge and Suarez back on the pitch and in top form.

With every lose comes great knowledge and what can be taken from this game is that no matter who the opponent is you never know when they will come and be in form and win, this does not and should not take away from what Brendan Rodgers has implemented at anflied but the support should back him with any changes he will make in the future to further pursue glory for ANFIELD!

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