Sunday, 29 September 2013

SUAREZ leads the Reds!

A brighter day has come! Liverpool accomplished two very important things on Sundays match. Firstly they scored for the first time this season after 5 games Liverpool has finally scored a goal in the second half and it came from non-other then the foot of Liverpool star Luis Suarez. Another very important moment in the history of Liverpool also happened on Sunday, which was Liverpool’s 400th game in premier league history.

With Brendan Rodgers new line up since the introduction of Luis Suarez, it has been something that we haven’t seen from Liverpool in recent years but because they do now have the defending strength to carry out this formation. Using 3 defenders could be a bit difficult and at times something that not to many player feel comfortable playing with, Liverpool carried out this formation with ease. Having Jose Henerique driving the ball down the flank and being able to send either Suarez or Sturridge for goal it seemed evident that this formation would be the best formation for Liverpool having both star strikers in peek form.

In this game Suarez seemed to be more at ease and calm something strange to see it wasn’t typical Suarez fashion.

Sturridge opened up the scoring only after 28 minute followed by Suarez scoring his first priemer league goal and lifting up his shirt with a picture of his family saying Welcome Benja Los Amos (I Love you). The game throughout was very well contested and seemed Sunderland could score a goal at any moment. The half ended with a very frustrated look on Luis Suarez face, due to the fact his passing was not coming out like he would have hoped.

In the second half Sunderland scored a beauty of a goal from the Italian international Giaccherini. There was enough action throughout the game that you did not notice the time fly by only until there was a stop in the play and noticing the game was almost over and Lucas got a yellow and will miss his next game. Sunderland again had chances to get a second goal and tie the game. But the final nail in the coffin was driven in by the hammer of Suarez at the 89th minute which then lead to the game whistle and Liverpool back on top of the PL table and is now currently sitting in 2nd place.

Next game I am looking forward to the partnership of Suarez and Sturridge to continue to grow and develop and have a fantastic season!


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