Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Reds 7 Returns!

The day is finally approaching where one of English premier league most talked about and has to be one of the most controversial players to ever play the game is coming back after a 10 match ban. For those who forgot why Luis Saurez got banned for 10 games it has a little to do with hunger and Ivanovic. All jokes aside and all the puns in the world can fill this blog with jokes but speaking about a players talent is what I really care about more then anything else.

Luis Suarez came to Liverpool from Ajax of Amsterdam in the later part of the season in 2011 and started off with a bang. Scoring at will and doing what he does best nutmeg players at will and using his class to get by defenders and making it look easy. Suarez last year could have been the player of the EPL as well as the top scorer but because of the ban he wasn’t able to play in the latter part of the season and the players below him were able to score more goals then he did.

Suarez is that type of player that you either love or hate but have to respect because of how talented he is. In recent years Suarez has been in the news for both great accomplishes as well things he would have rather of not done. Most recently his biting incident with Ivanovic and previously to that alleged racist comments to Patrice Evra.

Suarez is currently the king Pin of goals for Uruguay with 38 goals in 71 appearances, and still young and capable of playing for several years to come he can only continue to push the bar up higher in Uruguay. 

Suarez will be returning on the 25th of September against a team he already has had bad blood with and can make a big impact against them if he stay cool headed and focuses on the task ahead. Suarez can only continue to get better and help Liverpool succeed in the future and take them to that glory which they always remember.
Hopefully as both as a fan of football and a fan of Suarez I can’t wait to see him play again and do what he does best. 

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